Can You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes: A Comprehensive Guide


Fake eyelashes, also known as false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, are a popular beauty accessory that enhances the appearance of the eyes. Many people wonder if it is possible to apply mascara on fake eyelashes to further enhance their look. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the topic of using mascara on fake eyelashes, providing insights, tips, and best practices. From the types of fake eyelashes to the compatibility with mascara formulas, we will cover everything you need to know to achieve stunning lashes that make a statement.

mascaraUnderstanding Fake Eyelashes:

Strip Lashes:

Strip lashes are the most common type of fake eyelashes. They consist of a band with multiple lashes attached, which is applied along the lash line.

Individual Lashes:

Individual lashes are individual strands of synthetic or natural hair that are glued directly onto the natural lashes to create a fuller and more natural look.

Eyelash Extensions:

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are applied by a professional technician. They are individually attached to the natural lashes using a special adhesive and can last for several weeks.

Some advantages of using mascara:

Mascara, also known as eyelash mascara, offers several benefits for enhancing the appearance of lashes. Here are some advantages of using mascara:

Length and Volume: Mascara coats the lashes, making them appear longer, thicker, and more voluminous. It enhances the natural length of the lashes, making them stand out and giving the eyes a more defined look.


Mascara helps define the lashes, separating them and adding definition to the eyes. It can make sparse or fine lashes look fuller and more noticeable.

Enhanced Eye Shape:

By adding volume and length to the lashes, mascara can enhance the shape of the eyes and make them appear more open, awake, and expressive.

Intensified Eye Color:

Mascara can make the eye color appear more vibrant and intense by framing the eyes and drawing attention to them.


Mascara comes in various formulas and shades, allowing for different effects and customization. From lengthening to volumizing, waterproof to smudge-proof, and from black to different color options, mascara can be tailored to suit individual preferences and desired looks.

Quick and Easy Application:

Applying mascara is a simple and quick step in the makeup routine. It takes only a few seconds to swipe the wand through the lashes, making it a convenient option for those who want to enhance their lashes without spending too much time on their makeup.

Temporary Transformation:

Unlike other lash-enhancing treatments or extensions, mascara offers a temporary transformation. It can be easily removed at the end of the day, allowing the natural lashes to breathe and recover.

Overall, mascara is a versatile and effective cosmetic tool for enhancing the appearance of lashes, defining the eyes, and creating a more polished and expressive look.

mascaraCan You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes?

Strip Lashes:

It is generally not necessary to apply mascara on strip lashes, as they are already designed to provide volume, length, and thickness. Most strip lashes come pre-coated with mascara or have a natural-looking finish.

Individual Lashes:

It is possible to apply mascara on individual lashes, but it is not always recommended. Mascara can weigh down the individual lashes and cause them to clump together, diminishing the natural look.

Eyelash Extensions:

It is generally not recommended to apply mascara on eyelash extensions. Mascara can cause the adhesive to weaken or dissolve, leading to premature shedding of the extensions. Additionally, the ingredients in mascara may not be compatible with the adhesive used for eyelash extensions.

Can You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes: A Comprehensive Guide插图3Benefits of Using Mascara on Fake Eyelashes:

Added Drama:

Applying mascara on strip lashes can enhance the overall look by adding extra volume and intensifying the color.


Mascara can help blend the natural lashes with the individual lashes, creating a more cohesive and seamless appearance.

Extra Definition:

Mascara can provide additional definition to the eyes by separating and lengthening the lashes, giving a more prominent and eye-catching effect.

Tips for Using Mascara on Fake Eyelashes:

Choose the Right Formula:

Opt for a mascara formula that is lightweight, water-based, and easily removable. Avoid waterproof or heavy formulas that can weigh down the lashes and cause clumping.

Apply Mascara First:

If you choose to wear mascara with strip lashes, apply it to your natural lashes before applying the fake lashes. This ensures that your natural lashes are coated evenly and prevents excess mascara buildup on the fake lashes.

Use Sparse Coating:

When applying mascara on individual lashes, use a light hand and apply a thin coat from root to tip. Avoid applying multiple coats or excessive amounts of mascara.

Clean Mascara Wand:

Before applying mascara on individual lashes, ensure that your mascara wand is clean and free from clumps. This prevents any excess mascara from transferring onto the individual lashes.

Alternatives to Mascara on Fake Eyelashes:

Eyelash Primer:

Instead of using mascara, consider using an eyelash primer to enhance the appearance of your fake eyelashes. Eyelash primers can provide a base coat that adds volume and length to the lashes without the heaviness or clumping often associated with mascara.

Colored Lash Glaze:

Colored lash glazes are lightweight and can tint the lashes, adding a subtle color enhancement without the need for mascara.

Caring for Fake Eyelashes:

Gentle Removal:

When removing mascara from strip lashes, use a gentle eye makeup remover and a clean cotton pad. Gently swipe the pad along the lash band to dissolve and remove the mascara.

Avoid Mascara Buildup:

To prolong the lifespan of fake eyelashes, avoid excessive mascara buildup. This can cause the lashes to become clumpy, heavy, and difficult to clean.

Proper Cleaning:

If you choose to apply mascara on individual lashes, clean them regularly with a gentle lash cleanser or a diluted oil-free cleanser. Use a clean spoolie brush or a lint-free applicator to remove any excess mascara or debris.

Can You Put Mascara on Fake Eyelashes: A Comprehensive Guide插图4Conclusion:

While it is technically possible to apply mascara on fake eyelashes, it is not always recommended or necessary. Strip lashes are typically designed to provide volume and length without the need for additional mascara. Individual lashes and eyelash extensions may not be compatible with mascara formulas due to their delicate nature and the potential for premature shedding. However, if you choose to use mascara on fake eyelashes, following the tips and considerations outlined in this guide can help you achieve the desired look while maintaining the integrity and longevity of the lashes. Ultimately, the decision to use mascara on fake eyelashes is a personal preference, and experimenting with different techniques and products can help you find the approach that works best for you.


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